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How long is the duration of a travel contract? – Most contracts are 13 weeks, the industry standard.  Other intervals are available per facility postings.

When can I begin a contract?  – You may begin a contract upon accepting an offer from the facility where you were submitted, passed an interview, were chosen for the offer and are presented a start date.

How often is payroll frequency?  – Weekly by direct deposit.

Is there a daily pay option? – Yes, you can receive a portion of your wages after confirmation of a completed full shift is received, usually within 2 hours of shift end.

I’m an RN, is my application and assignment process managed by recruiters or office clerks ? – No, all travel RN assignments are fully managed by a clinical manager, all are licensed RNs.

When do benefits initiate? – Upon a start date @ the contracted facility.

What states can I travel to with SOUTHWEST SWAT NURSES? – All U.S. states including Alaska and Hawaii.

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